Doctoral Student Software Technology For Hardening Security Libraries

Posted date:
Dec 14,2018
Passed A Degree At Advanced Level, Completed Course Requirements Of At Least 240 Higher Education Credits
Dynamic And Static Program Analysis, Compilation, Operating Systems. Expertise In Object-oriented Programming And Design Is Highly Appreciated years
Computer Science
Employement type
Full Time
$29 500
Required skills:
Ability To Independently Pursue His Or Hers Work, Ability To Collaborate With Others, Have A Professional Approach And Analyse And Work With Complex Issues. Taste For Experimental Science And Industry Collaborations


The PhD Student Will Join The Group Of Prof. Benoit Baudry Who Investigates Techniques To Constantly Evolve Software Applications To Prevent Single Points Of Failure. Experimental Software Engineering And Case Studies Form The Core Scientific Foundations For This Work. Open Source Libraries Are Increasingly Used As Part Of Large Industrial Software Systems. Some Of These Systems Are Subject To Strict Safety And Security Constraints. In This Context, It Is Essential To Assess The Quality Of Open Source Libraries. This Assessment Acitivity Has To Rely On State Of The Art Program Analysis Techniques Proposed In The Scientific Literature.
Stockholm, Sweden
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