Doctoral Student In Integrated Frequency Combs

Posted date:
Dec 14,2018
Passed A Degree At Advanced Level, Completed Course Requirements Of At Least 240 Higher Education Credits
Background And Academic Credentials In Physics Or Engineering Sciences, With Specific Relevance To Nanotechnology, Integrated Optics And Nonlinear Optics years
Employement type
Full Time
$29 500
Required skills:
Ability To Independently Pursue His Or Hers Work, Ability To Collaborate With Others, Have A Professional Approach And Analyse And Work With Complex Issues.


The Goal Of This Project Is To Explore, Through Theory And Experiments, The Potential Of Quadratic Optical Nonlinearities For A Novel Class Of Microcomb Devices. The Project Shall Build Upon The State-of-the-art Nanophotonic Platform Developed At KTH For Ultrahigh Confinement And Low Loss Waveguides In Lithium Niobate On Insulator (LNOI) And Investigate With It Novel Nonlinear Effects And Devices, To Demonstrate On-chip Microcombs Operating With Quadratic Nonlinearities In The Cascading Regime. Through The Project, You Will Become An Expert In LNOI Nanophotonics, Microcombs And Nonlinear Optics And Receive High-quality Training In A Broad Range Of Experimental Techniques For Photonic Device Characterization, Fabrication And Modelling. Furthermore You Shall Gain Skills In Research Collaboration, Mobility And Innovation And Take Part In A Rich Programme Of Trans-national Scientific Exchanges And Events Withing The MICROCOMB Network, Involving Leading Industry And Academic Partners Across Europe.
Stockholm, Sweden
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