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31st American Psychiatry, Psychology and Nursing Congress


START DATE: Mar 18,2019 9:00

END DATE: Mar 19,2019 18:00

Holiday Inn Chicago O’Hare , Chicago , United States of America (USA)

We are delightful to welcome you to the 31st American Psychiatry, Psychology and Nursing Congress which is scheduled in the month of March 18-19, 2019 at Chicago, USA organized by Conference Series LLC Ltd in collaboration with generous support and cooperation from enthusiastic academicians and editorial board members. Psychiatry and Psychology 2019 invites people all over the world invariable of age to discuss the wonders happening in the ever-growing field of Medicine. This conference is an acting stage for psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health professionals, directors, health care and medical professionals, nurses, academicians, early career scholars, business professionals and students to showcase their innovations and new ideas. The main theme of the conference is “Discoveries and Innovations towards Mental Health, Wellness and Healthcare” which will ignite young minds in searching a novel approach towards the marvels of sustainable future. Knowledge is Application. This Knowledge gathering initiative focuses on Knowledge accumulation but also helps in practical approach towards future aspects in the fascinating arena of Psychiatry and Psychology. We look forward to personally welcoming you to Chicago this March. Sincerely, Psychiatry and Psychology 2019 | Organizing Committee



Organized by: Elly Williams

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